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Dark Roofs Housing Complex


Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.


we turn ideas into work of art

For each project we establish relationships with partners who we know will help us create added value for your project. As well as bringing together the public and private sectors, we make sector over-reaching links to gather knowledge and to learn from each other. The way we undertake projects is based on permanently applying values that reinforce each other.




Abstract Architecture
Concrete Bridge Intersection




  1. Footing, Columns, Beams, Slabs, Staircase shall be as per the structural drawings.

  2. All RCC works shall be as per specifications, using Birla Super 53 grade cement.

  3. Indus Fe555 TMT bars shall be used for RCC works.

  4.  M-Sand shall be used for RCC works.

  5. Sun shade as per elevation.

  6. RMC mix of M25 grade grade shall be used.

  7. Plinth height of the building shall be 1'6" from the gruodn level.

  8. Through lintel shall be provided.

  9. Roof to Roof height will be 10'0".


  1. Masonry shall be constructed using 6" thick AAC blocks.

  2. All plastering works, and other cement works shall be done using 53 grade ACC / Zuari.

  3. Plastering Grade M-Sand shall be used for Internal and External Plastering.

  4. Ceiling Plastering will be in CM 1:3.

  5. Internal Wall Plastering will be in CM 1:4.

  6. External Wall Plastering will be in CM 1:4 with sponge finish.

  7. Muddy finishing over terrace with water proofing and weather coating.

  8. Parapet shall be of 4'0" height.

  9. Completely dressed drainage stones will be provided throught the with of the site.

  10. Front compound wall shall be constructed as per elevation. Remaining sides will be 4'0" in height.

  11. Sump shall be constructed to a capacity of 8000 litres.


  1. Window openings shall be provided with grills made using 12mm bright rods.

  2. Gate shall be of 5ft height, width, design and section as per elevation.

  3. Balcony shall be provided with railings made using MS w/ glass.

  4. External staircase shall be provided with MS railings.


  1. Other Wooden doors frames shall be of sal wood of section 5"x3" with Niki brand solid membrane doors.

  2. Window openings shall be fixed with UPVC windows.

  3. All door locks shall be of Europa Locks.


  1. Metal boxes will be provided for switch baords.

  2. VIP make elctrical pipes shall be provided.

  3. Junction boxes will be provided for fan and light points as per electrical layout.

  4. Electrical wires of Finolex brand shall be provided.

  5. Switch boards shall be of GM brand.

  6. MCB shall be Schneider Electric brand.


  1. Bathroom fittings will be provided with budget of Rs. 20,000 per bathroom. Fittings include, wash basin and pillar cock, Water Closet (Commode), Diverter, Spout, Shower arm, Shower head, Health Faucet, and necessary Angle Cocks.

  2. Cold and Hot water pipes shall be provided with Ashivad brand CPVC pipes.

  3. Sanitary pipes shall be provided with Supreme branded PVC pipes.

  4. Over Head tank shall be of 2 nos of 1000 litre Sintex Triple Layer tank.

  5. Geyser provision shall be provided.

  6. Inspection chambers with covers shall be provided as per design.

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